Dotty x Charlie Rose Impress With New Video For ‘Gone With The Wind’

The first time we heard Dotty‘s ‘Thoughts’ on the NEW GEN album, we were blown away by the simple honesty of his bars. We come across a lot of UK rap talent, but it is rare that the bars make us actually feel anything. Dotty’s did just that, so much so that we reached out to him at the time for a short Q+A because we were intrigued at the emotions behind ‘Thoughts’.

Dotty returned last week with fresh visuals for ‘Gone With The Wind’, a collaboration with singer Charlie Rose. Once again, the Thornton Heath based rapper gives us an intimate insight into his reality, including the highs and lows of working in music. He speaks openly about his drug-dealing past, and the admirable work ethic he now has in music. Once again, Dotty’s impressed us massively, and we are very much behind his movement.

The instrumental is produced by RXR Music, offering a classic Hip Hop feel merged with modern trap sounds. Charlie Rose sits on the hook, balancing out Dotty’s hard-edge raps with a catchy vocal.

Watch the video above.



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