Irish Hip Hop Gets Another Win With NEOMADiC

Didn’t know you liked Irish Hip Hop? Well, you do now. Today we introduce rap trio NEOMADiC, comprised of mcs DYRAMiD noGood, and DJ PRiROLL. Following in the footsteps of Rejjie Snow, NEO are something of the same but different; the trio represent a more laid back, cosmic sound. This ethic is mirrored in their newest video for ‘Coma’, which merges a number of cartoon influences into a morphing (and extremely fun) animated video.

Further to this, the group have also recently released The NEOMADiC Tape via SoundCloud. Proclaiming “FUCK YOUR GRAVITY” (Savage, 1:42), DYRAMiD and noGood prove their lyrical worth over a number of lo-fi hip hop beats, with samples from famous cartoons injected in for good measure. We’ve just come across them, and are already instant fans. They’re something like a Jam Baxter extremely high on acid, put in the studio with The Underachievers – we’re not complaining!


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