Fly To Accra With J Hus In The Visuals For ‘Spirit’

In the past twenty four hours we have received fresh visuals from man-of-the-minute J Hus. Having also been nominated for a Mercury Prize for his debut album Common Sense this week, Hus aptly drops the visuals for ‘Spirit’. It’s a track that chronicles the virtues of the human will:

“Even when we never had a penny, yeah, we always had spirit
They can bun my flesh, but they can’t touch my spirit
They wan’ take way my freedom, but they can’t take away my spirit
‘Cause even when we never had a penny, yeah, we always had spirit”


Earlier in the week, Hus took to Twitter to explain that he “made Spirit to try keep everyone’s head up high“. With it having already amassed 360,000 views since it dropped, it’s an inspirational track that has everyone talking. We’re sure the proclamation of “bill a zoot, then build a empire” resonates with the millennial generation of zoot-puffing creative entrepreneurs.

The visuals take us to Accra (which is the capital of Ghana for you geogra-phobes), focusing on the area of Jamestown, which has been described as “like Hackney Wick on steroidsThe video showcases the area’s vibrancy and warmth, and it is definitely going straight on our travel bucket list. Based on the coast, Jamestown is known for its love for fishing and boxing, both of which are showcased in the video.

If you’re feeling this one, it appears you may be in for a treat, as J Hus premiered some fresh bars on Twitter:



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