Get ‘DANCING’ With bLAck pARty

Los Angeles’s bLAck pARty labels his music with the tag #TropicalFunk, which with its soulful basslines and funky drum breaks, sounds about right to us. Thanks to the wonders of the ‘up next’ feature on YouTube, we were happily introduced to this track by the power of chance (*cough* algorithms).

The track was released a month ago, and has already massed near enough 89,000 SoundCloud streams. Following the tumblr lifestyle suit of those like Frank Ocean, bLack has adeptly created a gripping visual and audio landscape.

Real name Malik Flint, bLAck pARty capitalises the letters in his name to highlight the fact that he was born in Arkansas, and now lives in LA. After a little google search it, appears he may have borrowed the moniker from a famous New York exhibition The Black Party (which sounds pretty intense). BLAck got an early cosign from Childish Gambino last year, and has production credits for Kari Faux and Father. A listen through to his Mango EP highlights an eclectic and fun mix of contemporary trap and ’80s Funk, with ‘Best View’ (perhaps he most stand-out track) receiving a well done visual accompaniment, which you can see here.

We love the sound of bLAck pARty, and hope there are more releases on the way.


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