Conduct A Home Invasion With Kojey Radical In ‘AFTER WINTER’

When we are first heard East London artist Kojey Radical‘s 23 Winters early last year, we were well and truly gobsmacked. Combining biting spoken word poetry with glitchy Hip Hop beats, Kojey managed to create a soundscape that stood above its contemporaries at time, shining with raw power and conscience. Since then, Kojey’s been relatively quiet, appearing only a few guest features, and a collaboration with PW.

This week, however, we received fresh visuals for track ‘AFTER WINTER’. Produced by Charlie Di Placido, and directed by long-time collaborators The Rest, once again Kojey’s visuals are a cut above the rest. Often depicting a futuristic version of a fractured London, “AFTER WINTER” depicts Kojey and a team of bandits conducting what seems to a home invasion on a rich household. It’s clearly draws inspiration from the A Clockwork Orange house raid scene, and features haunting costume choices. It raises issues of gentrification, classism, outsiderism and racism, with much of the attire representing our fear of the foreign ‘other’. It’s chilling, and very well done. We can’t wait to hear what else Kojey has in store for us.



One thought on “Conduct A Home Invasion With Kojey Radical In ‘AFTER WINTER’

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