Tyler The Creator Gets A Face Transplant From ASAP ROCKY In New Video

It’s been two years since we last heard any music from Tyler The Creator (that wasn’t a feature, anyway). A week ago, we got a cryptic tweet from Tyler; an image of a bee exclaiming ‘7 DAYS BOY’, with no information on what to expect. The bees then counted us down to midnight Thursday evening, at which we received a batshit crazy new video titled ‘Who Dat Boy’. Without saying too much (you can view it above for yourself), we witness Tyler blowing half his face off in a botched electrical experiment, and then having a white-skinned face transplant conducted by A$AP ROCKY. Yes, it’s lit. The video is self directed (by Tyler’s alter ego Wolf Haley), and lives up to par on the weirdness scale with his other video creations where he eats a cockroach, or is a coked-up transgender centaur.

Shortly after, we also received new track ‘911/Mr Lonely’, which features contributions from Frank OceanSteve Lacy and Anna Of The North. You can check that out here. No news on what’s coming next from Tyler, but this is definitely enough to keep us entertained for now.


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