Artigeardit x ICEKIID – “Ik For Børn” x “Brandvarm”

Not everyday UK, sometimes Denmark. West London videographer and all round magic man Kirx links up with Copenhagen rappers Artigeardit ICEKIID for the fresh double video. We first deeped ICEKIID via his outgoing ‘Afrikaner‘ visuals, where we got a sweet tour of Ghana. The new video invites us out to Valencia and Alicante, with “Ik For Børn” bringing through a more fun, summer vibe, and “Brandvarm” (our personal favourite) offering a slower, night time road akin to Last Night In Paris.

We caught up with Kirx to see what he had to say about the visuals:

Working with Ice and Ardit was like going on tour with real life rockstars. Literally, they don’t give a fuck about anything. The first goal when we landed was to get to a supermarket, but we ended up buying 100 euros worth of… actually don’t worry, my mum’s gonna read this. Real talk though, Ice and Ardit treat music as a central part of their lives. The whole time they were constantly playing instrumentals and freestyling, both in English and Danish, which was mad.

They have a proper interest in UK music too – it’s a big influence on them. The best part of working with them is the fact that they’re so easy to get on with. They listen, and work hard to create the best product. We worked as a proper team, and would work with these two any time”

“Ik For Børn” and “Brandvarm” are released via Cannibal Records – check the video above.


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