Earth2Tom ft. FRSHRZ – N_WRD (Video)

Production duo Earth2Tom (comprised of Tom Foolery Beats and Charles the Earthman) link up with Hip Hop trio FRSHRZ for new track ‘N_WRD’.

Taking on the prolific modern day usage of the ‘n-word’ as inspiration, with much of the track’s raps built around words beginning with the letter ‘n’. This is a track that deals with semantics, and offers a welcome perspective to the use of a racist terminology that seems particularly accepted within the music industry.

FRSHRZ are a three piece MC outfit, configured of ArtchaSKANDOUZ and Dray Styles. Speaking of their new track, SKANDOUZ says:

The N word is something the FRSHRZ don’t use in our music. We came up with a song that takes a satirical look at the use of the N word in Hip Hop music with a subliminal message of how we feel about the use of the N word in Hip Hop music. But ultimately its a piece of art, listeners will take away their own meanings from this song. Its not that deep …but then again it is. You decide!”

This is real Hip Hop for UK heads – watch the video above.


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