Dozer Carter – Out Here With Bowie (Video)

Admittedly, this is the first time we’ve comes across Dozer Carter, after someone shared this track on their Facebook feed. Thought it looked worth a click, and we were immediately impressed with the quality of its visuals. Offering summery scenes in Alexandra Palace, and some crisp family settings, the Joe Harvey directed visuals mingle with Turkish‘s dexterous piano riffs to create an immediately striking aesthetic.

In terms of the raps, Dozer jumps into his dad’s perspective, chronicling their relationship after he received a letter from his father.

Speaking of the track, Dozer says:

“In terms of the creative process this song, in particular, has been incredibly challenging yet rewarding to create. Initially, I found it difficult to know how to react to my father’s letter, which was such an honest and heartfelt account of our relationship through his eyes. I decided the only way I could express how I felt was through music”.

We’re impressed with what we’ve seen today, and will definitely be keeping up to tabs with Dozer from now on.


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