Villain Park – Regretz (Video)

Los Angeles’s Villain Park seemed to have fallen straight from the sky (possibly transported from Hip Hop’s Golden Era) in 2014 when they released ‘W.M.N.A’ in 2014. Following a number of other oldschool-tinged videos, they gained enough of a buzz to even be picked up by XXL Magazine, and seemed to have found a modern niche that lapped at their retro-sounding flows.

Then they went quiet. It’s been couple years since we last heard anything from them (perhaps they were finishing high school), but happily are back this week with ‘Regretz’. This track sees members Bunge & Smoke skippily flowing over a bass-thumping production from Smoke Dawg. With only two members rapping, it is possible the group has downsized since the last we heard of them (2015, Same Old Sh*t EP). Regardless of the politics of the situation, we hope this is a sign that V.P has new work in the pipeline.


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