Meet Kung Fu Kenny In K Dot’s New ‘DNA’ Video

If you’re a Rush Hour fan (which you definitely should be), you’ll remember Don Cheadle‘s ‘Kung Fu Kenny’ character from the second instalment of the series.


Compton’s Kendrick Lamar clearly felt inspired by this character, as he made it a new alias for himself on newest album DAMN, which dropped last week.

Kendrick represented Kenny at his Coachella performance over the weekend, where he staged a mock up Kung Fu battle during his performance. He now brings the character to life in his newest video for ‘DNA’, the second track from DAMN. Because he can, he’s also bought Don Cheadle along for the performance, who attempts to interrogate Kenny, but ultimately succumbs to his supernatural powers.

Kendrick puts a lot of thought and intricacy into his videos, and they always come across as short movies. ‘DNA’ appears to nod towards Wu Tang Clan, who were some of the earliest notable Hip Hop artists to bring together martial arts mythology and rap.


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