Sly Moon – Cold Sagging Every Day

Blah Records Sly Moon is something of an enigma. He is described on their website as both ‘a fan favourite rapper and natural musician who has the funk, jazz and blues embedded in his fingers‘ and  ‘also a Poker King who will take your money if you’re a donk or a fish, kid‘.  

Fellow Blah colleague Lee Scott shared this new track earlier, along with commenting:

Every now and then when Sly manages to find his way out of the casino he creates masterpieces. I pray to a God I don’t even believe in that this guy actually makes a full project.

The new track is titled ‘Cold Sagging Everyday’, and features eerie boom bap production from Sly himself collabing with Salar. ‘All I need is this weed and this beak / and that’s me’ talks Sly, as he talks the virtue of various illegal substances. This is sleep-in-the-gutter UK Hip Hop at its best. Listen in above.


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