We Speak To Rude Kid About New Ghetts Collab ‘Banger After Banger’

After premiering live at London’s iconic Fabric for fans in an exclusive hearing, Grime collaborators Rude Kid and Ghetts have finally dropped the video for ‘Banger After Banger”.

Filmed by Taichi, the new video features cameos Lethal BizzleSir Spyro and Teddy Music, with fast-paced shots that match the pair’s dynamic energy.

The video dropped at midnight on Thursday night, after a wavy launch party at Relentless Studios on London’s famous Denmark Street (the one with all the guitar shops). Along with Ghetts and Rude performing the track, they were joined by sets from MangaBelly SquadJampakSoLarge and more.

We caught up Rude Kid before the evening kicked off to ask some questions about the track:

First things first, let’s talk about ‘Banger After Banger‘ – How did this one come about?

This one just came about by having fun with it. I made the beat, showed Ghetts round my house, and he said ‘yeah this is sick’. We were driving to a meeting, and Ghetts was just freestyling the lyrics in my car. We had it on loop coz he wanted to just write to it – Ghetts is one of those guys that if he likes somethings, he’s gonna wanna do it now! Then we went studio and recorded it.

We’re interested in hearing about your relationship with Ghetts in the studio – you guys seem to have some next energies!

It’s normal man! People might actually find it boring if they came to sit and watch us work. It’s not like we’re performing when we’re in the studio – he’ll be writing, and after I’ve done the beat I might be like ‘we need to do this on the chorus’ etc. It’s nothing like we got bare people in the studio popping champagne! Both of us are very much like ‘let’s work, and celebrate later’.

We’ve noticed that your very keen on quality in your music, and don’t work with everyone, just specific people.

Do you know why though? Back in the days I gave EVERYONE tunes. Every mixtape had Rude Kid this, Rude Kid that. I’ve done that bro! Nowadays it’s very quality controlled. I’d rather put out three sick tunes in a year that make people think ‘yeah man this is sick’, then put out a million tunes that no one really hears again. Every tune I make now, I give it my 100 per cent, otherwise I’m not giving it to them. If you saw the catalogue of music I’ve got – you’d think I’m a workaholic. Pretty much all I do is music. But it has to go to the right person. I couldn’t give a ‘One Take‘ to somebody else, or a ‘Who’s Got A Problem‘ to somebody else. If I can hear Ghetts on it, Ghetts is getting it.

So do you make tracks with certain MCs already in mind, because ‘One Take’ for example already sounds like a Ghetts instrumental he would use.

It depends – with that one we knew we had the 653 EP coming, so that ‘One Take’ was just for Ghetts. I wish I had the text I sent him when I made it. I sent him like a clip of it on my phone – and didn’t have a name for it. When we went studio and he recorded it in one take, we were like BAM – it’s called ‘One Take’.

Lets talk about Grime now – where it’s come from and where it’s headed. How has your sound changed for example, and how are you developing it?

For me, my sound hasn’t changed a whole lot. As a producer, I’ve always just done what I know to do. Maybe it has progressed over the years, but I’ve always just made tunes. I’ve always tried to make tunes that stand out. It’s never been like – ‘ah that sound is popping, let me try and copy that’. I’m me man, this is me. The reason I’m Rude Kid, is coz I do things no one else does. There can’t be another Rude Kid – I tell other producers, don’t try and be someone else. Be different to get noticed. Once it goes out into the world, it’s got to make you proud. People have to think – ‘we need to check this guy out man. Every tune is mad’.

Obviously you’ve got the Kiss Grime show now – is there a filtering process that goes on with your selections i.e. knowing what might not work with a wider mainstream audience.

Nah bro! You’ve got to remember that I’m on at a great time, 10 o’clock – bare listeners. I do my own show, I play the music I wanna hear. I’ll say what I wanna say.

In the future (think as far flung as you want), who would you love to get in the studio to create a riddim with?

Drake. Simple. I’d love to be chilling with Drake on a Grime tune – singing on the hook, and the drop’s cold. Yeah that would be sick.

What’s next for Rude Kid, is there anything upcoming that you wanna shout out?

Bare shows! More singles. Right now, this year is the year of Rude Kid the artist. I like to show my character, show people how I am. I advise a lot of producers to do that – show people who you are! Don’t be the background guy! Producers need the love!

‘Banger After Banger’ is available on iTunes now here – go cop dat!


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