Stash Peso Ft. Ricky Ramsey – Liquid Darkness (Video)

Stonebridge’s Stash Peso caught our attention four months ago with the atmospheric video for ‘Kagune BLVD‘. The video’s dark aura incorporated whining vocals and gritty bars to create a sense of loss and hopelessness, and it immediately stood out to us.

We are happy to see that Stash is back this month with the GRM DAILY premiered video for ‘Liquid Darkness’. In a three tiered video that tells a loose story (dir. JEANIQ), Stash is once again joined by Ricky Ramsey for a trip through the ends with a pleasantly creative twist on the visuals.

Speaking to Stash Peso, he had the following to say regarding the track:

Liquid darkness was needed for me! It was the missing piece for Shine (my EP) – Ricky Ramsey made this track about a year ago. He made it and left it there. I knew I needed something to break up the songs on the EP so I went through our shared Dropbox. Liquid Darkness stood out and I finished it off. The lyrics to this song mean a lot to me.

In a nutshell that’s pretty much what happened. When Ricky stopped rapping, he scrapped that song. If I didn’t find that song then it would have never come out. I laid my verse for it maybe a year and a bit after he made the beat and laid his verse The Spanish intermission came about randomly.. I didn’t wanna sing on it and I wanted a female to speak on it. Spanish sounding good to my ears!


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