Bliss – Vision Ft. James (Video)

London MC Bliss dropped insightful new track ‘Vision’ this week via Link Up TV. Featuring vocals from James, and filmed around King’s Cross, Bliss showcases his unique ‘Grime Soul’ style. Mixing fast paced grime bars (along with a snappy Mistakay production) and a soulful hook from James, Bliss manages to create a sound that is exciting and deep at the same time.

We managed to get hold of Bliss today, who said of the track:

 ‘I wrote vision because I felt like I wanted to do big things at the time and certain people who were close to me couldn’t see or understand. The first line is ‘when I look into the mirror’ – and I think that’s the most important thing… how you see yourself. It’s kind of a song to push people, like if you have a goal that people around you don’t think you can accomplish you need to have tunnel vision and just bang it out. It’s funny when you start to just do your own thing people start believing in your ting anyway.. It’s mad how that works.’

Watch the video for ‘Visions’ above, and keep your eye out for this don!


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