Koder – Vibrations (Video)

War on numerous fronts, a globally synonymous and ever widening wealth gap, a US president that is basically a comic book villain… you’d be forgiven in 2017 to think that things may be slightly fucked.

South London’s Koder agrees with you – enough to make a song about it, at least. Asking the resonant question (and a bit of a tongue twister) of ‘what powers have the powers got if the true powers get their powers back?’, Koder strikes back at the darker parts of modern society.

The message is a hopeful one – he asks us in the YouTube video bio to ‘turn up your vibrations’. What does he mean by this? Speaking to Complex, who premiered the track, K says “Vibrations connect us all, and love is the most powerful vibration. This is my love song for the people.”

The track features an aggy grime production from BlameBlame and intense animated visuals. Watch it above.


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