Collectives #2: Harlem Spartans


The Harlem Spartans are a Kennington based group, and are arguably the hottest squad in UK Drill at the minute. Their come up has been quick, having become an established and respected keystone in UK music in under a year.

Since the release of ‘Jugg’, the Spartans have been consistent with their releases, with each video raking in hundreds of thousands (and sometimes millions) of views. Commendably, many of their releases have been dropped on their own YouTube channel.

Harlem Spartans have talent in abundance, with each member adding their own style to each release they feature on. Although the standout members are often agreed to be Loski, MizOrMac and Blanco, all members have their golden moments.

Their style is colder and sonically calmer than other UK Drill artists, utilising common Drill themes to refine their sound. Their flows, merciless lyricism, and frosty style places them in a lane of their own. Sometimes dropping anime references, and often using violently gritty realism to describe life on the streets, Harlem’s bars capture the energy of the Drill movement, and give a voice to London’s housing estates and dark back alleys.

Harlem’s repertoire can be found at their YouTube channel here, and their sound is one of the most exciting in current UK Drill. If you didn’t know, now you do.

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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