LD, Mucky, Reekz MB & Youngs Teflon – GMD

Boooow! This week we get fresh visuals from 67‘s LD, Mucky, Reekz MB & Youngs Teflon with energetic new track ‘GMD’. It’s the usual talk of skengs and feds (some of you may sigh in boredom), but man like Steven SpielKirx provides some crisp videography for an exciting track. These man are slowly turning into something like celebrities in London, with the vid having racked up almost 53k views in less than 24 hours (at the time of writing).

NB: Be sure to check the comments – there’s some astute breakdowns of the UK education system going on due to LD’s inspirational ‘NO GCSE’S’ adlib.


We actually went down and chilled with 67 and co for the video of this shoot, of which there’s a quick little behind the scenes clip you can see below!


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