On The Radar: The Doomed Regular


This Sheffield based clothing collective have been making waves across the country, and are definitely ones to watch in 2017. The brand’s distinctive pieces are a fitting representation of UK youth culture. The edgy, defiant look of the products might look unpolished or unusual when compared with more mainstream brands. However, each piece offers a unique insight into the designer’s personality and lifestyle. Each garment has its own persona, and portrays its own message. This is guerilla streetwear at its finest, made by its own target audience.


What strikes me the most with The Doomed Regular is the DIY element to the clothing. The ‘Nothing Weird’ collection is a fine example of this. Although it may just look like an assortment of materials, the pieces are well crafted and put together. The handmade garments give the clothes a more personal feels, and show a snapshot of the crafting process. The roughness and raw aura of the clothes make the brand unique and eye catching.

The group also consists of and is affiliated with a handful of musicians. Most notably, these are Jetson, Sleazy F Baby and Black Josh. Most of their work can be found on Blah Records. Their flamboyant lyrics and relaxed style is a pleasure to listen to, and are consistently paving a strong lane in UK Hip Hop.

TDR have put in the groundwork over the past couple of years, and should be able to reap the benefits this year. They have a core following of dedicated supporters who have genuinely embraced their movement, and we expect them to only grow as a brand this year.


Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their movements.

Written by Xaymaca


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