‘Oi’ – A Conversation With Double S

Tottenham’s Double S has been on the Grime scene from day (quite literally) – after releasing a track with JME, and wavy single ‘Ya Na Darg‘, he recently dropped his take on Scholar’s legendary ‘Oi’ riddim. We caught up with Double to talk about the track, Grime and more… Read on below:

Tell us a bit about the ‘Oi Freestyle’ and how that came about – are you happy with the reception for example?


‘I’m more than happy [laughs]. How that came about was, I must have been at REPREZENT radio on Teddy’s show, and he told me to freestyle. I must have heard that beat, and there’s a lot of Grime beats out there that I don’t like, but that one made me feel like it was 2004/2005 again. I told Teddy to send me the beat, and because the beat is naturally something I like, I’m gonna have to wave on it the way I normally do things. For the video, BDot done amazing on the visuals – he come down to Tottenham to my area, chopped that up, and it’s exactly how I wanted it to be. It’s not polished – it’s me, a few of my friends, in a car park, just enjoying ourselves. In one week, it got 300,000 views….’

You’ve been involved in the Grime scene from the beginning – how do you feel about the so called ‘Grime resurgence’, the media’s take on it, and do you think it is authentic?

‘I love the way Grime is right now. I think it’s given us more avenues, and is more open to the masses now. Our music is getting to America and all over the world now. Before I feel like it would be known in Canada, and the odd few in America, but now it’s everywhere. I think Skepta, Stormzy and Lady Leshurr are the ones holding the flag for us. The more the current people do good, the better it is for the people who were there before, as long as they stay releasing good music. I always say never be in competition with people, because you don’t know where they are going, and their form of success might not be what you want. ‘Stormzy got 33 million, so I need to get 33 million’ – that’s the wrong mentality. Even me having 300,000, I’m still so excited.’

Out of the ‘new wave’ of Grime MCs, who would you say is the most exciting for you?

‘To be honest, I think this generation is not as lyrical as before, but I think that has happened for a reason. A lot of the lyrics nowadays are just straight to the point and direct, anyone can get 2 + 2 = 4, but not everyone can get the algebra question right. Sometimes you want people to understand what you are saying, and I understand that, but before it was more lyrical. I grew up in the Wretch 32, Scorcher and Ghetts era – I don’t think it’s as lyrical as that, but at the same time it’s enough to do what it needs to do.’

Are there any projects coming, and is there anything in the pipeline?

‘A project is coming, and I’m gonna give you the name of it right now. It’s called Double Vision, and that should be out around January or February times – I think I’m gonna drop one or two more singles before then. I’m gonna show that I’m still gifted and still talented.’

You’ve been around for time, and not everyone from those times are still about… As a musician, how have you stayed motivated, and how have you kept your sound?

‘I’m not gonna lie to you – it’s not easy. I think my family has been my motivation. You know your superpower – when you find your superpower in life you can hack into it any time. That’s what it’s like with me and my flow – I know when to tap into it, and I know what excites people. I know what excites me, and how to better it.’

Have you ever performed abroad, and where is it your dream to take Grime?

‘I have performed abroad – I’ve done the Ayia Napa rounds, Zante, Ibiza. I would love to perform in America, one hundred per cent. I would love to perform in Australia as well. Australia has really got a big Grime scene as well – I kinda feel that people even know your music abroad is a blessing. Imagine that I started in Northumberland Park – just a little area with some bad breed yutes… For me to be getting messages from all of these places like Germany now, it’s still crazy. You think to yourself ‘music connects people, so far away’.’

How do you feel about radio at the moment – are you doing anything with radio at the moment?

‘A lot of radio stations are playing my stuff at the moment anyway. I want to do a Charlie Sloth Fire In The Booth soon – I think I’m saving that for next year though. I wanna be ready for it and give them like a good ten minutes. I’ve done one with Marvel about two or three years ago, but this will be the first one by myself.’

Let’s talk about Tottenham, and MCs now – who are you feeling at the moment from your area?

‘The Tottenham scene is always gonna be amazing – I think there’s some special water over there. The new guy over here at the moment is Abra Cadabra, who is absolute waves. Look out for a guy called Ekeno as well – Tottenham right now, Tottenham’s been hot. I’m never shocked.’


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