Desiigner – Timmy Turner

It was that XXL freshman freestyle that everyone was talking about. Half thought it was god-sent, the other half held it as the most A1 example of a modern Hip Hop fail. Either way, its almost 8 million views in a month gassed Desiigner enough into a full length track. Funnily enough, the same week that the freestyle dropped, 19 year old Desiigner dropped his debut mixtape New English, which was massively overshadowed and ignored by the XXL vid. Though the reworked “Timmy Turner” is obviously a (successful) attempt to stay relevant after the near-impossible-to-follow-up-from-storm that was “Panda“, the track kinda bangs, and will deffo turn up a couple raves. Production comes from Mike Dean, with the last third ascending into some next heavenly melodies.



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