Novelist – “ENDZ”

Brockley representative and official “Lewisham Don” Novelist is back today with retro-inspired visuals for “ENDZ”. With a grainy and very raw self- produced instrumental (Novelist’s upcoming debut album will only feature production from himself and his in-house man Grandmixxer) the 18 year old Grime prodigy also directed the video. Shot by RileyJH and Ali Uhlig, the visuals feature grainy footage of Nov’s squad outside the blocks, inducing nostalgia for the early days of Grime. “ENDZ” is a proper roadman anthem that wouldn’t have been out of place spinning on Channel U back in 2005. We’re even invited to “Text Novelist to +44786025707 for info” (which actually works btw… see below). Props to Nov for adding that interactive element, reminds us of back in the day spending £5 by accident texting the TV trying to get “Where Are You Now Dad” played…



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