SITES – “Clowning” Feat. Keith Murray

Imagine the Insane Clown Posse got trapped in a weird Hip Hop vortex, hurling them into a German abandoned fair-ground with an oldschool Hip Hop legend. This is kinda what you get with the new SITES. The Canadian rapper brings the legendary Keith Murray to the table (of Def Squad) for new roller-coaster ride “Clowning”, with chaotic visuals following the pair committing tomfoolery around Berlin. With a creepy but head-bopping instrumental like something from a horror-show, SITES and Murray clown about on this beat, with lyrics inspired by the word itself:

“I was listening to beats for the album and this one had a circus kind of amusement park feel which hit me as soon as I heard the double kick in the beat and started repeating “clowns”. I started thinking how I’ve acted like a Clown being too drunk partying and then just exaggerated it and made it fun!”

Clowning’ is taken from SITES’ forthcoming album, with features  from Royce da 5’9, Keith Murray and UK rapper Bowza, and production from Curtiss King.


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