MeLo-X & Little Simz – FFFS


New York’s MeLo-X has the Midas touch. His bandcamp page describes him fantastically as:

 “a sonic creator. Incorporating kaleidoscopic influences from Eminem to Nirvana, from Picasso to Moses, from the sweet scent of Jamaican mango trees to the pungent stenches of dark New York City corners – this Brooklyn native fuses together vibrations of soul, electronic hip hop, old school reggae and new school basement party”

Photographer, fashion designer, producer and rapper – MeLo-X is a multimedia mogul with worldwide plans for the future. This is why he’s enlisted London’s Little Simz to feature on new track “FFFS”. According to MeLo, inspiration for the track came from an online video:

“We were watching the Red Bull video where the guy skydives from space, so our verses were inspired by looking at the world from that perspective. Simz starts her verse with ‘Tumbling tumbling down listen / are you hearing me now’ and mine starts with ‘The planet looks so small from here / no signs of war from here.'”

The track features an appropriately spacey instrumental, full of synths and clicks and claps, with insightful verses from Simz and MeLo. Very very sick stuff, and hopefully not the last of it – MeLo told iD mag recently that “Me and Simz collaborate all the time. I love having that UK presence in my music. Simz is the greatest MC out there right now.” The two have produced some fire in the past – check out “Circles”.

“FFFS” is taken from MeLo-X’s upcoming EP Curate, which is due for release later on this month!


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