Jay Rock – 90059 [Feat SZA] (Video)

Top Dawg Entertainment‘s Jay Rock is not only about to do very, very big things for the label, but he also scares the shit out of us. The new video for title track from his upcoming full length album 90059 (named after the Compton + Watts zip code that Jay hails from) features the dangerously beautiful SZA for the first couple minutes premiering new melodies in a dream-esque (and beautifully shot, as is the entire video) opening sequence.


It’s only when the camera pans to Rock in a Hannibal Lecter resembling mask and straight jacket that you remember that you’re in a motherfuckin’ Jay Rock video. Adrenaline pills are popped as the video turns awry, with Jay abusing the speakers with his new work. “90059” is a rough, scary track, almost sounding like he’s managed to channel the spirit of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. We’re loving it – Jay’s new album is gonna give the scene a needed injection of rawness!


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