It’s not often you’ll hear a track with the opening lines as something as provocative as trying to engage sexual intercourse with a current presidential candidate – “Yo, I’m tryna fuck 80’s Hillary Clinton”. If that sentence just offended you, we suggest you stop reading now and click that little red ‘x’ at the corner of the page. Based around the memorable (and actually quite hilarious) hook “My bitch like Hillary / My bitch like Hillary / She don’t give a fuck n*gga”, Maryland rapper Solomonilla pays tribute to all those faithul ride or dies (SO FUCK MONICA LEWINSKY) out there in new track “Hillary Clinton” (with production from PhoenixSays). After deciding to push back the release date of upcoming project M.I.M, Solomonilla has released the track as an appetiser to keep his fans satisfied until he finally drops the new project!

Hit up Solomonilla on Instagram and Soundcloud to keep up to date with any upcoming M.I.M news!


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