“I never saw this coming / when I was in the hood, stressed out, bunnin’ / I had a strap on my lap, thinking about enemies I wanna put one in / Now I don’t care what niggas say / I got girls down under telling me that I’m on Triple J / All my niggas on the rise man, it’s a sad time for the KKK / They’re tryna work out what’s happening / David Cameron on the phone to Obama, Man are shaking and panicking / when they see the shutdown Shoreditch gathering”

Trussssss me daddi! Tottenham emcee and already Grime legend Skepta has this week continued to impressively push the boundaries of how far-reaching his genre can really be. To start off his roll, Skeppy unexpectedly dropped a new cut with oldschool Dubstep and Grime legend Plastician entitled “Back Then”. Like recent Devilman murder riddim’ “Nasty”, Skepta has borrowed an oldschool Grime instrumental (which is in this case Plastician’s “Still Tippin” remix) and sprayed fresh 2015 life into it.

Not forgetting to honour the newschool, Skeppy then (almost simultaneously) dropped new track “Way Too Much” with UK rapper Fekky, including visuals (which are kind of bait, unfortunately) that are drowned in red cups, graffiti walls, tourbuses and girls sitting around not doing much. Track is decent enough though.

Then (not to mention his own performance at #WIRELESS10 last Sunday, part of which can be seen HERE) Skepta was brought on stage to perform “Shutdown” at Wireless on the Friday by none other than headliner and aspiring London road man Drake, who performed his whole set in a “Lukey World” Boy Better Know T-shirt. Video still gives us chills.

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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