Dark0 – “Abrasion”

London instrumentalist Dark0 was in the year above me at school, and we’re happy that someone from somewhere like Hendon is now playing shows in New York City (which I hope anyone from NYC reading this will go and experience). Dark0 is a producer that many journos and critics have tried to pigeon-hole, which must understandably be frustrating. We’re not gonna bother having that debate, we just wanna shout out that Square Enix need to hire him.

His new track “Abrasion” is a 3:21 long journey that transforms moods as it progresses. It’s perhaps less inviting for MCs to spit over than some of his other work, but that’s probably the point.

Talking to Fader (who premiered the track this week), Dark0 explained:

 “I wanted to make a song that would tell a story of my current feelings of claustrophobia, frustration and ultimately, ambition […] One that would start with nostalgia, take you through my ever-changing influences and leave you with a memento. A song to tell you that there’s so much more to me than being some ‘instrumental grime’ producer, or even some joker, and that I have my own story, through which I’ve crafted my own sound. Finally, that I’m not afraid to operate within it and push its boundaries further than ever before. ‘Abrasion’ is me breaking away from stereotypes, from everyone, and emerging into a new place where I’m free.”

Big up Dark0, and be sure to catch him at one of his shows, either in London’s XOYO on the 26th, or New York’s MoMA  with SkeptaBaauer, Sicko Mobb and Slimzee on July 25th.

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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