Listen To The TreeHouse Collective’s Debut “Me & Jazz Tape”


Fire emojis all over the gaff. Mysterious North London collective TreeHouse Collective have finally blessed us with a multi-track tape to feast our ears on. The Fresh Prince inspired “Me & Jazz Tape” (a homage to all you 90s kids) is fresh as fuck and truly feels like a triumph for London’s voice in music. Mixing complex and imaginative raps with smooth piano-led instrumentals and relaxed boom-bap beats, “Me & Jazz Tape” offers something a little more accomplished than your typical release. The tracks scream loyalty for family and collective – “Live for my mother but I’ll die for my brothers”, and listening to the tape drags us into a screenshot of London urban culture that is often drowned out by the moody selfish whine of Grime or overpowered by the endless barrage of American pop-rap outputs on the radio. What we’re trying to say, is that Treehouse seem to be representing something established and special, and while we can’t tell you exactly what yet, I’m sure they won’t wait to long to let us find out.

Composed by @CareerEnderSam


2 thoughts on “Listen To The TreeHouse Collective’s Debut “Me & Jazz Tape”

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