Run The Jewels – “Early” Feat. Boots

It was a strong, strong record, with little to no flaws, but if had to choose, we said at the time it dropped that “Early” was one of our favourite tracks off of Run The Jewels 2. The track, featuring all round musical don Boots chronicles the everyday struggle for some of being prey to an oppressive police force, even if you’re doing nothing wrong – ‘Please don’t lock me up in front of my kids, And in front of my wife / man, I ain’t got a gun or a knife, You do this and you ruin my life‘.

Yesterday, RTJ member El-P dropped the video for “Early” with a (sadly depressing) tweet, stating:

“me and @KillerMikeGTO have been waiting for the right time to drop this. then we realized that it is (sadly) always the right time. so…”

The video is animated in a manner similar to that crazy Keanu Reeves film A Scanner Darkly or Sin City and is effectively a protest to all police brutality cases, Baltimore and beyond. Unfortunately, the profound number of these cases makes the video an incredibly poignant and painful spectacle.

To add to this, RTJ’s other half Killer Mike made an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher“, alongside John Waters, political scientist Charles Murray, and public policy expert Heather C. McGhee, to discuss the race relations situation in Baltimore. Watch some snippets from that show below:

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam

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