Danny Seth – “Never Forget” Ft. Jimmy Johnson (Prod. Zack Nahome)

“The British are coming” was Danny Seth‘s warning to the rest of the world on his last video release “I Arise Because”. Danny continues his global invasion with new track “Never Forget”, with help The 6 native and OVO affiliate Jimmy Johnson. The track is from his highly-anticipated forthcoming album Perception.

Considering he’s a self-proclaimed ‘white and Jewish’ boy from London making Hip Hop bangers (which may go against some people’s ideas of what a Hip Hop artist can or should be) changing the sense of people’s perceptions seems to be a big part of what Danny wishes to represent with his music. Speaking to Hypetrak, Danny said:

“The word Perception has so much depth and meaning to it, especially when it comes to my story and the album. I always felt like even before people listen to my music they will always have a preconceived perception of me. I’m white, Jewish and from London, trying to take on the U.S. Hip Hop scene. So the whole ideology of the tape is, leave your thoughts and notions behind and let my music change your perception, because when you close your eyes your ears open up.”

Featuring production from close friend/impressive beatmaker Zack Nahome, and accompanied by some self designed (in collab with graphic designer Perry Alexander) artwork, Danny dropped the track a few days ago via Soundcloud. “Never Forget” is essentially a trap-inspired banger that has more depth than most. We’re very much looking forward to Perception, which will feature 17 tracks and is set to drop imminently.



Speaking of the artwork, Danny said:

“The artwork was just as important to me too. Me and my graphic designer originally came up with the concept of the painting you see in the left of the corner. We created the whole painting filled with hidden symbols, some you will see, some you won’t, and some you might even make up in your head because it’s essentially how you perceive the painting. We then decided that in order for it to be iconic we really needed to step it up, so Perry and myself got in touch with our friend and photographer Hamish Stephenson. I really wanted symbology to be key in this, so the globe, the timepiece, the horn, the book and the feather all have meaning, what the meaning is is for you to work out. I also knew I wanted to have no clothes. We live in an era where your so easy judged and defined by your clothes that I didn’t want to be perceived as just a ‘swag rapper’, this is about baring myself to the audience, saying this project is me and nothing else. The blindfold means so much too, but again, this is how you perceive it make your own assumptions, because even if your wrong, your right.

Check out Danny Seth on FacebookTwitter, and at his Website.

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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