UPCOMING: Grim Sickers to drop debut EP ‘100 Bags’

'I got a buzz right now, so I pray I don't lose it...' - Grim Sickers - "Jenga" Feat. No.Lay

Bristol’s Grim Sickers is someone we’ve hyped about to you before. If you think back four long months to the beginning of the year, he was one of the artists we warned you would be a problem in 2015. Staying true to the motive (and luckily making us look good!) Grim has already come through with a whole bag of bangers this year, including the hype-inducing “Black Bin Bag Him” that we still spin to this day. 

This week, Grim is set to drop his debut EP “100 bags”. May 10th, to be exact, via Linkup TV. We were lucky to get the EP sent through for that early listen, and after a few spins, we’re happy to report that we’re very excited for you guys to hear it. We’ve always bigged up Grim for being an artist that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what can be considered as a ‘Grime’ track. We have everything from the oldschool wobbles and aggressive forwardness of “Chop Him Up and Tesco Bag Him” to the self-inquisitive piano-led UK rap track “Not Much To Do”, including a lot of varying styles in between. Grim is an artist that has nurtured his rap style in the past year or so, and the new EP is a testament to his time and work paying off.

On top of Grim’s expert rhyming, we have a whole host of other MCs shelling on the EP, including (get ready for a long list here, he’s clearly a popular guy): Villain, No.Lay, D2, Royal, Mez, Izzie Gibbs, Snowy, Row D, Jammz, Ten Dixon, Nasty Jack, Don Menna, Clipson, Vader, Hitman, Blaydez and a whole lot more (we’ll leave some out for a surprise on Sunday).

Our favourite tracks so far are the energetic and boastful “Sugar Ray” and the spiritual “Jenga”, but we also love the slower and deeper aspects of “Be Without Me” and “Not Much To Do”

Artwork comes once again from cartoon aficionado and top bloke @Whelaninho (make sure you check out his work because he’s been in high demand for a reason).

We can’t really say much more, but we can say that this ain’t no 2p production. Big up Grim Sickers, and make sure you download “100 Bags” for FREE when it drops this Sunday May 10th!

Check out Grim Sickers on Soundcloud to get you up to speed in time for the release


Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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