Vince Staples Feat. Future – “Señorita”


You wouldn’t be criticised if you said Long Beach rapper Vince Staples has been acting somewhat out of character recently. Last month, we got that Staples x EDM hookup with the Christian Rich produced squeakfest “High“. Somehow, Vince managed to stay true to his intense focus on lyrical prowess amid the chaos of the cheesy EDM frenzy of the instrumental.

Today, we have a similar situation, except this time he’s adopted the trend of Atlanta inspired pop-trap tracks, by  apparently collaborating on a tune with, believe-it-or-not, Future. Those are definitely two names we never expected to see on the same song. Turns out however, that it’s not a straight up collab – no new verses were recorded by Future, and he only features via a hook ripped from his gas-fest anthem “Covered N Money“. The track adopts elements of the current trends in ‘mainstream’ trap, but somehow once again Vince stays true with a complex flow and lyrical content (not that we ever doubted him).

We respect Vince Staples for adopting this change of pace, and it highlights what a strong MC he really has become.

At the minute we only have the audio, but we fully expect a video to drop very soon, due to hints on his Instagram page.

“Señorita” is the first single from his upcoming debut studio-recorded album Summertime, and has now officially dropped on Amazon, Google Play Store and iTunes.

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

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