Xali – TheRebelution [Video]

Literally only just found out about this guy but wish we’d come across him sooner. “The Rebelution” is a new double-edged release (like the samurai blade in the video) comprised of tracks “PoisonIvy2” [prod. Hush Forte] and “Slaves” [Prod. JahRahMf] from South Florida MC Xali. Video direction comes from FlowerCop and MarsMarsM.

Premiering the track on Citrus Rap, Xali said of the new video:

“”The Rebelution” picks up where “Papaxa” left off, continuing with a generational statement by the name of Xali. The concept of the video is a simple display of symbolism for the people. Scene 1. Color the Earth…Scene 2 Build Supreme….Scene 3 Transcend (progression/Forward movement).

This video is about strengthening self. Color the earth is symbol of creating your universe. Through me paint the stick, (earth) I’m setting the details to what is seen as the natural world around me ( reality). Build supreme is about working on self and destroying to build. Our muscle rip during a workout to repair themselves to a stronger point. Destroy to build. Transcension is about moving forward. going through life we have a tendency to get complacent. We can never be comfortable. Always remain in a progressive energy.

“Poison Ivy” and “Slaves” are the theme of what we need to be strong for. A fuck the American system through rhythm and flow, going over a few specific details of how I feel and what the scheme is. Only scratching the surface though.

The Rebelution Is coming…”

Xali has a dangerous flow, something between (dare-we-say-it) 2PAC and The Flatbush Zombies, with Dead Prez‘s love for political musing and exercise. We love the track, and are happy to hear that he has a full project entitled XALI UNKNWNwhich is set to drop sometime this year.

We’ve put some of his other videos below so you can catch up!

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

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