Upcoming: Keyz Atlantic – Redlight Rudeboys EP, With Q + A


We’ve had nothing but good things to say about the Nottingham grime scene in the past few months, with artists like Snowy, MezJDotKyezaYoung T + Bugsey (+ many many more, not trying to miss people out) pushing some real fire out of the Midlands city.

The next thing we have to look forward to from Notts is Keyz Atlantic‘s upcoming Redlight Rudeboys EP in a couple of weeks or so (release date currently undecided). We’ve had the privilege of hearing the project on an early one, and while we can’t reveal too much, the tape is definitely something Keys can look forward to bragging about. Bringing together spaced out productions from Om Unit, The Purist, Klimeks and even an Alchemist rip from Brooklyn Hip-Hop group Flatbush Zombies“Palm Trees”, Redlight Rudeboys runs through like a dreamy stroll through the Redlight District, with slow, syrupy instrumentals and gritty lyrics. Our favourite track features Snowy and is absolutely bangin’, but you’re gonna have to wait! Props to these lads for bringing a new Nottingham sound in a way that it’s never had before.

We did a short Q + A with Keyz to find out more about the upcoming EP – read below!

What ends are you from? Where did you grow up/ where are you based now? –
– Nottingham, noone does postcodes anymore but the whole NG5 you can see me.

How old are you + any other interesting personal information –

21 years old, not too much interesting stuff I can publicly say haha! I walked in the Olympic Parade 2012, I guess that was fun, also used to present a radio show though last year – that’s something I wouldn’t mind doing again.

 Are there any crews/ collectives you’ve worked with in the past and/or work with now? –

I’ve been in quite a few crews over the years to be honest – but nearly all of them ain’t going anymore. I still wish it was back in the days when every area had bandana colours and crews it was poppin back then. Or maybe it’s still like that but I’m just older… who knows. Doing a thing with Paradox in Nottingham right now but I mostly prefer working by myself with just me and the engineer in the studio.

Give me a basic outline of your journey through music so far – when/how did you start etc. –

 – About 05-06 (age 10/11) We started in my bedroom/ and my friends we took turns. We had a 50p mic from a car boot and it was actually quite sick. I still got my first ever recorded tune now called “Music Time”. I think the whole school took the piss outta me because it was so bad but it was all part of the fun. Then started getting better in the playground basically spittin bars every day. Moved on to freestyles on camera and did a Kashkam freestyle cost me £50 (Kashkam was probably bigger than SBTV in Nottingham at the time) after the 50 I probably only had like £5 left to my name ha-ha. Then started doing music videos and going to a proper studio and I’m just tryna up the quality of everything now.

Are there any particular MCs from back in the day that particularly inspired you to start spitting? –

 – American rappers there’s plenty, and they were the first ones from about age 6-10 but I’ll keep it in UK.

I went to see Dizzee rascal in Manchester I was year 6 so about 10… That was so so sick I still got the massive 7ft Boy In Da Corner poster in my room now. I also used to watch Roll Deep – Roll Deeper documentary most days and Crazy Titch DVD.
Mc’s from Nottingham though, The whole Militry crew, DJ Grimey Grimetime show on Kemet FM, Barz in the Stix dvd, U Get Me dvd – shout out you if you remember these.
Also special mention I wouldn’t say they inspired my stuff but Joe P –  Gangster No.1 and Micky grim – Big Talent Small City are two classic Nottm tapes and still to this day my favourite rap mixtape is Youngsta / meth – Crystal Meth plenty more to mention but oh well.

What are your plans for the next year and further? Are there any upcoming projects you want me to shoutout? –

The plan is to release this EP (Red Light Rudeboys) which is more faster flow. The whole theme is kinda red light district inspired so I called it that. Plus Amsterdam is like 2nd home I wanna get some proper links there. After this I got another mixtape which I got around 15 tunes recorded for so far, it’s got a lot more stories and mike skinner type tracks on here which will be cool because knowone’s heard that from me before. After that though 2016/17 I really wanna mix electro/rap/garage/wave together and make some commercial tunes in the right way with punchlines. It’ll be a hard task but I think with the right people and right stuff it’ll turn out mad interesting.

Will you/ are you currently doing shows? –

I done about 5 shows so far. Some were good some were graveyard shit haha. Yeah man I need some more shows the main reason I aint got as far yet is just because I’m not good at making links with the right people e.g. promoters but I swear I’m sorting that out starting from this week – promoters anyone reading this shout me I’ll be there, plus I need more groupies haha!

If you could work with any UK MC/ producer right now that you havent already, who would it be? –

There’s a lot – there’s a big difference between people I’d wanna work with for music and people I’d wanna work with for opportunities. Off my head though probably a little project with Kromestar because he can do mad amount of different beats, Or Klimeks I been using his beats a lot lately I’m just finding them all so easy to write too so yeah man those two producers.

Make sure you keep up to date with Keyz Atlantic and check the tape when it drops!

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

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