Kano – “Hail” and “New Banger”


East London Grime pioneer Kano celebrates his first new solo release in three years today with a double A-side single, along with a fittingly fun and chaotic video for track “New Banger”.

The tracks released today are the Rustie produced ‘Hail’ (which he dropped the video for last month), and the energetic skank-inducing ‘New Banger’. Both videos are directed and shot by Grime video legend Risky Roadz. Keep reading for run downs of each track!


With a huge, overbearing production that would probably overwhelm and scare the hell out of most MCs, Kano skilfully picks apart the heavy drums and guitars of Rustie‘s instrumental with his expert flow (with skills probably transferred from the heavily distorted production of “Typical Me” from back in the day). The video is filmed in an oldschool, early Grime-video style, proclaiming at the start “Earlier today we borrowed a video camera and decided to shoot our own video”. Keep watching til the end of the video to get a first preview and fun snapshot of Kano previewing the next track “New Banger” to Giggs.

“New Banger”

“24 hours ago I decided I was just gonna spend the New Banger budget on booze and throw a shoobz for the fam…Apologies to the neighbours” explains Kano at the start of the New Banger video. The next six minutes follow his movements in a documentary style fashion as he plans, prepares, executes and then cleans up after, a house party in his living room. The video is fittingly chaotic, matching the party vibes of the track, while still staying true to Kano’s oldschool Grime roots (watch the video all the way through for some nostalgic throwbacks). We love the video and the snapshot it shows of East London! Watch the video below.

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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