Today: Grime And Roller Disco Culture Come Together In Bethnal Green


Something special (with the definite possibility of being very catastrophic lol) is going down at Bethnal Green’s famous boxing venue York Hall this evening. As part of the Red Bull Music Academy UK Tour (which has bought loads of banging Hip Hop events to London this week) hosts JMESkepta, C4 and Flowdan (with whatever ‘friends’ he decides to bring) will be joining DJs PreditahSlimzeePlastician and Logan Sama for a grime and garage fuelled roller disco.

Something of this nature has never been done before, but the performers are very positive about the change in dynamic, with Logan Sama saying of the coming event:

 “The standard format when we’re performing is I’m behind the decks, the MC is on stage and the crowd watches the stage. This way, it’s going to be a completely different dynamic — you’ve not got a static crowd, they’re going to be doing laps — that means they might be responding to you, or they might see some guy doing some wicked spins in the crowd, or the guys on stage might be responding to that.”

We’re not entirely sure what to expect, but the DONTFCKABOUT squad will be there (probably falling over and breaking our arms) from 7pm this evening, so check our Insta later for a live feed of what’s gwanin!

Tickets for the event are now unfortunately SOLD OUT but we will do our best to keep those of you without tickets in the loop!

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam

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