Stream MidNight Phunk’s Impressive Debut “130” EP, And Read Our Q + A With Him


Always get excited when we’ve got something special from North London to share with you guys! Yesterday Creo Collective founder and N.London born & bred producer MidNight Phunk dropped his debut EP “130” via Soundcloud. Even though he’s only properly been producing for 7 months, the EP is an an absolute triumph, and is a confident and unique mix of elements of electronica, garage, R&B, Reggae and Dilla-Style-Boom-Bap (he somehow makes this all work) to create a very uplifting record that we’re looking forward to bumping over the summer!

We had a quick catchup with MNP just before the EP dropped to get to know him a little better. Here’s what went down:

Tell us a bit about Midnight Phunk – who are you and where are you from?

MidNight Phunk is a producer from North London. Haringey born and bred. I’ve been producing for about 7 months. I make what I wanna make, if you fux with it, then cool, if you don’t, cool, regardless I’m making vibes. 

How old are you and what’s your musical background?
 I’m 22 . I used to be a rapper going under the alias as “Random P”, but am producing full time now. 

What about the name MidNight Phunk – is there any particular meaning behind that?

 There’s no cool story behind my name – when I decided I was going to produce, I wanted to go under an alias other than “Random P”, and I went through a thousand names, but props to my ex coz she said “what about Midnight Phunk”… I make “PHUNK” the sound of tomorrow music and I only really vibes and get the best of my work done late late into the night…MNP.

Are there any crews or collectives that you currently work with/have worked with?

 I only represent my own collective “Creo”. I’m the founder of Creo, a collective of creatives from North London pushing good music and vibes. Big things to come from Creo this year.

Tell us a bit more about how you got into music.

 I fucked school, I didn’t care as a kid – I’m really dyslexic and struggled. School wasn’t good. My brother is the sporty one and I’m the music man. My dad is an engineer so I’ve grown up around studios and music all my life, so maybe it was inevitable that I was going to do music in the future. 

What does 2015 hold for MNP, and are there any artists you’d particularly like to work with?

 Im going to be releasing a lot of material in 2015. Should be a good debut year for MNP. In terms of MCs, Little Simz would be cool. I think she’s dope. 

Composed by @CareerEnderSam


4 thoughts on “Stream MidNight Phunk’s Impressive Debut “130” EP, And Read Our Q + A With Him

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