INTRODUCING: TreeHouse – “Rise”


‘Treehouse, didn’t know now you know now/ Brought it back to the old style/ Don’t ramp on us brudda, you’ll be thanking us brudda/ Bunch of London kids with our own sound…’

Got something very exciting here for you guys today. This week, seemingly out of nowhere. this tracked popped up on Soundcloud along with newly registered Twitter handle @TreeHouse303. Information is extremely limited and there isn’t anything we can find on the internet about this elusive group yet, but TreeHouse have advertised themselves via social media as a ‘creative collective’ from North London. Who are they? We can’t really reveal, but track “Rise” (currently their only release) is an absolute banger with a unique steel-drum led instrumental and tight lyricism and a catchy auto-tuned hook from whoever their barsman is. We’ve been bumping “Rise” all week, and will definitely be keeping a keen eye on this mysterious collective.

Follow TreeHouse on their (currently very limited) social media accounts to make sure you’re in the loop!

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Compiled by @CareerEnderSam

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