E. Mak – “6.4.15”

‘Boy I’m Trying To Let Go Of The Drama / Leave It In My Past But It’s Coming Around Like Karma / All These Promises But I Haven’t Seen Narda / Steppin’ In These Versaces, I Heard The Devil Wears Prada’

Got a wavey new cut from independent London rapper E. Mak in the past few hours. As a reply to J Cole‘s “28th January” from most recent album 2014 Forest Hills Drive (which recently became the first Hip Hop album without any features to go platinum since 1989 woiiiii), E.Mak has managed to turn the track into a very London representation of the instrumental, which is very welcomed by us (you have to be bloody brave to take on a J.Cole track tbh). The track comes with a very modest description on SoundCloud stating ‘Heard the original again legit made me feel some way, so I just wrote a verse and done a rough mix. From me to you.‘ Deffo one to pull up a few times.

Check out E.Mak on social media, and use the link below to download his EP Cool & Conscious below:

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< http://www.coolconscious.com/ >

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam


2 thoughts on “E. Mak – “6.4.15”

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