Jiggz – find out more about one of North London’s finest with our interview, and watch new video for “Should Know”

‘Looking back, it feels like music was always a part of me, and I was always supposed to be Jiggz, if that makes any sense..’

Last week, we introduced you to Hornsey MC Jiggz and his impressive debut mixtape Till A Trillion. This week we offer you a chance to get to know him a bit better via an exclusive interview, where we find more about his musical history, and have his new video for “Should Know” which is doing the rounds on Youtube at the minute. Watch the video, and find out more about Jiggz in the interview below. Make sure you get to know coz we reckon this don is set to do big bits very soon.

Tell us a bit about Jiggz – What ends are you from? Where did you grow up/ where are you based now?

My name’s obviously Jiggz, I’m from Hornsey, North London, that’s where I’ve grown up since I was a little boy, from the ages of like 5 or 6. I was born in Hackney though, then my Grandma moved to Tottenham area when I was around 2 or 3, then my mum got a place in Hornsey, and this is where I’ve grown up. Around Holly Park Estate, N4, Finsbury Park Area, Hornsey Area, North London based, and that’s where i’m still at right now.

How old are you, and is there any interesting info you’d like to share?

I’m 19 right now, 20 soon. I’m a music guy, I love music. Not just rap, all types of music – r’n’b, soul music, and I’m kinda into acting – one day I’d like to start doing that.

Where’s the name Jiggz from? How did that come about?

Around the time I was 13 people started calling me ‘Jiggy Michael’. I think it came from when I auditioned for a street dance group, back in like year 8, and we did rehearsals every week, and ended up performing at Hackney Empire. We came 2nd in that, and I think that whole experience showed me that I have a mad passion for music, and not just listening to it, or writing it, but even just vybin to it. I’m one of those people who can hardly keep still, I like dancing and that, even when I’m sitting down, there’s always a beat going through me, I’ll be tapping my knee, or tapping my fingers on the table, or spitting to myself. I’m always moving in some way, so I’m guessing that’s where the name came from – it suited my personality. It got to the point where I didn’t like the sound of it though, where people were calling me ‘Jiggy Michael’, so I cut it short to Jiggz. I like the sound of that.

Tell us a bit about your music and where you come from?

In the past, me and my boys from my area made tunes together, and we used to go studio and that. We were from the area so we just rapped about what we knew and what we saw going on around us, beef and all that kind of stuff. Now we’ve grown up though, and we’ve seen who’s actually serious about this music thing in the area, we’ve made a collective. We call ourselves V.L Clan, which stands for Villish Livin’ Clan. We’ve got a couple tunes out – it consists of me, MoStack and Scamz. We’re all solo artists, but whenever we come together it’s V.L Clan. We stay true to our own sound, and are just making the music we enjoy truely. I’ve worked with the Young Kingz from my area in the past, who I’m due to work with in the future. Apart from that, there isn’t really anyone else I want to work with – I just keep it to myself. I wanna do my own thing and stay in my own lane.

And can you tell us about how the musical journey started for you?

Ive been writing raps, and just little dumb songs with hooks for as long as I can remember really… it all started really when I was 14 though and hanging out on the streets and that, and mandem would put on beats and if you could rap you’d just spit your 16 and jump on. I remember my first 16, and I showed it to one of my boys and he was going nuts and was like ‘rahhh you’re the new guy you can spit’ and that kinda ting gassing me up. Obviously, it was nothing to me, I was just writing bars, but it showed me that I might have a talent here. To cut a long story short though, when I turned 16 I was in a college, but it wasn’t going well for me. Even since GCSE days… my mind was always elsewhere. I’m always thinking about what I can do for myself – I wasn’t that interested in economics, or history, like I was always thinking of lines and what to come up with. I decided I’m gonna start taking this thing seriously and learning production and that, and I wanted to put out a mixtape, but I didn’t have the time or funds, so for a couple of years I’ve been writing songs, and getting my friends to shoot videos.

Are there any particular artists that have inspired you in the past?

Artists like 50 cent, when he was doing his thing, inspired me a lot. The sounds of Ja Rule and Murder Inc, and when he used to link up with Aashanti, and come with them tunes there like the r’n’b kinda thing, made me really wanna be a part of it. Nelly aswell, was a big influence on my music. It’s not just rap though… coz I don’t really just wanna be a rapper, like, I got into a production course when I left college at 16, so that means when I’m standing in the studio, and people look at the board and think it’s just a bunch of buttons and gibberish, now coz I’ve done that course I know what is going on. So when I’m working with the engineers and I want it to sound a certain way, I can speak their language. It’s all about the sound and quality to me. I think it’s important to understand not just how to go and rap, but how to mix and master.

So music is and has been very much a creed you live your life by…

Yeah, for real. One of my uncles still calls me Snoop til this day, coz when Snoop used to come on the TV, or tupac and all those tunes used to come on, I was jumping up and down in front of the TV. Looking back, it feels like music was always a part of me, and I was always supposed to be Jiggz, if that makes any sense…

Jiggz’s debut mixtape Till A Trillion is available here to download and stream.


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