Revival: Our favourite Skepta tracks from the last ten years


“My name’s Joseph, but I’m not your average Joe no / I will merk your whole team on a solo / Coz I’m massive in this game, you’re a midget in this game / I’m like Pizza Hut and you’re like Pizza GoGo”

Joseph Junior Adenuga, or to go by the name that has recently been falling off tongues all over the world,Β Skepta, is an artist that we are extremely proud of of late. My man’s journey has been a long one – he’s gone from growing up in the streets of Totty to sharing a set with Kanye West and being named one of the 50 best dressed men in the world of 2015, to most recently shutting down a show at Houston’s prestigious SXSW. We remember back in the day when “I Spy” and “Spaceship Freestyle” seemed to be on constant replay off Nokia 6230s on top decks of buses all across London. Today we’d like to celebrate Skepta by going over a quick recap (and these will perhaps even be fresh to some of his newer international fans) of all our favourite tracks from the Boy Better Know don from the past ten years. Enjoy!

The guy’s put in years of work and has a huge back catalogue so I’m sure some of you might be thinking that I’ve missed some, but feel free to comment anything we may have missed below. Big up Skepta all day!

Compiled byΒ @CareerEnderSam


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