New Music: Blaydes – “Grime Kid” (Audio)

Up and coming Lewisham MC Blaydes (who we interviewed HERE) dropped some new fire this week via Soundcloud with “Grime Kid”. The 16 year old MC has been on a spree recently, having released a number of solo tracks alongside collaborations with other young MCs such as Snowy. Blaydes is very much setting himself up to be a force to reckon with within the London Grime scene and beyond over the next few years. With so much current outside interest in the scene at the moment (we’re talking about Kanye and Drake in particular which is sure to bring international attention), it is homegrown and passionate MCs such as Blaydes who are very much needed to keep the gritty essence of the genre alive.

“Grime Kid” is available to buy on Deadstock Grime‘s recent compilation album, which is entitled “Authentic” (take it from us that it’s bangin’) which is available to buy HERE.

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam


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