Corbin (aka Spooky Black) drops three new unusual tracks

Internet rap prodigy, St Paul resident, member of the Stand4rd and only 17 years of age; Corbin or (Spooky Black) is someone we’ve talked a lot about in the past few months. However, after a short tour including the sold out show at Birthdays in Dalston (which was incredible), Corbin went quiet for a while. Until, however, last night, where in his typical unorthodox style he dropped three unexpected tracks via his Soundcloud feed. The tracks are entitled ‘go outside ya couch potato’, ‘nice work son’, and ‘she changes her mind a lot’. Before we get onto what they actually sound like, I want to talk a bit about the presentation of the tracks. There was no mention of the releases on Twitter, and all the tracks came with the same background picture (Corbin’s dog, we’re guessing?) and an unusual caption to follow (which you can read below).


‘winter is almost over and it makes me sad’


‘my hair is turning dark
i have been inside too long’

We’re not really looking to speculate what this all means – could be a marketing tactic to make his music as obscure and niche as possible, could just be part of the artistic process. Either way, it’s working, because in 14 hours the three tracks have about 10,000 plays each.

Let’s get on to the sound. The tracks aren’t like anything you’ll have heard from Corbin before; each track is sort of a demo with just an acoustic guitar and vocals, with footprints, clapping and wind sounds audible in the background. We can’t find anything about them online yet (perhaps no one know what the hell to write about them), but the recordings sound like a drunken singing sesh round the campfire. We’re guessing that alcohol very much had something to do in the recording of these tracks. They’re interesting to say the very least, and could be a hint at possible upcoming acoustic projects (which would be cool). Have a listen below and we’ll let you make up your own minds.

Stream the tracks for free below!

[UPDATE: The tracks have since been removed from Corbin’s Soundcloud, but we will pop them up again if we can find them anywhere else!}

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam

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