‘Go slow to the bass, fast to the hi-hats / then we’ll beat to the beat til the bed frame cracks…’

Got one for the ladies here – East London artist Eklipse dropped a brand new EP last month as a special Valentines present to all the gyaldem. With production from Swiftstar and Wondz, the project, entitled ‘Intimate Affairs‘, is a dark and sexy quad-part story of romance and sexual encounters (with not all the ladies in question being single). Eklipse has an intriguing and unique sound, creating a genre sitting in an exciting grey area bordering the regions of trap, R&B, Grime and UK Hip Hop. This latest release is a no holds barred barrage of sexually-fueled slow jams, delivered in a meaningful and poetic way that warrant a number of playbacks. Ladies, forget curling up with Fifty Shades of Grey for your kicks, stick on ‘Intimate Affairs’ instead.

Scroll down below to stream ‘Intimate Affairs’ and read our exclusive Q+A sesh with Eklipse!

Dontfckabout : Tell us a bit about Eklipse – What ends are you from? Where did you grow up/ where are you based now?

Eklipse: I’m East London born and raised man. I’ve always lived in Newham man, but to be more specific I’m from East Ham.

Tell us, how old are you + is there any other interesting personal information you’d like to share?

I’m 21. I started off as a poet funnily enough. I was shit at English as a kid and used to get into loads in trouble at school cos I just wouldn’t focus. My mum’s a poet and when I got taken out of school she home schooled me by teaching me how to use metaphors and whatnot. But when I went back to school and started listening to Grime more often it caught me in a different way and I started barring at about 14.

Tell us about the name – where is Eklipse from?

To be honest I just wanted a name that no one else had haha. I picked Eklipse cos it sounded dark but not too gritty but everyone has always said it’s really appropriate for me and my style so since then it’s stuck.

Are there any crews/ collectives you’ve worked with in the past and/or work with now?

I’m not really into the crews thing man. Back when I was a young buck a couple man that would spit together would try form a lil clique but I’ve always been on my own sort of vibe.

Give us a basic outline of your journey through music so far – when/how did Eklipse come into being, and what has happened up to this point?

Well I started writing poetry at the age of 9, performing at the age of 11, released my poetry pamphlet independently at 13 then jumped on the music at 14. It’s been a long but dope adaptation. I started off releasing EPs at first but I never really pushed them cos I always thought I could do better. That’s why I’ve never done a mixtape but been constantly releasing tracks on Soundcloud. But 2015 I’m looking to finally cement myself as an artist cos now I’m comfortable with myself and know the directions I want to go in. On Valentine’s Day I released an R&B influenced EP called “Intimate Affairs” which was produced by Swiftstar and Wondz, and now I’m just wrapping up my LP “Dark Matters” which will be produced by my darg Swiftstar and should drop around my birthday in Summer.

Are there any particular MCs/artists from back in the day that particularly inspired you to start spitting?

Definitely. I guess the guys that influenced me the most where Kano (especially cos he’s from my manor), Ghetto, Scorcher, Wiley, J2K and then later on the likes of Dot Rotten etc.

What are your plans for the next year and further? Are there any upcoming projects you want me to shoutout?

Yeah Dark Matters in landing this summer but in the mean time look out for me on CDs like Deadstock Grime’s “Authentic”. Next year I’m likely to be dropping another LP with my homie SGT Static as well as a couple individual things that’ll be revealed in due time haha.

Have you/ are you currently doing shows? If not, are there plans for shows in the future?

Well I went uni for 2 years and dropped out so prior to that I was never really available to do shows. But now I’m back in London I’m definitely looking to perform again.

If you could work with any UK MC or producer right now that you haven’t already, who would it be?

Ooooft. That’s a tricky one. MC would probably be Ghetts, that would be nuts and I’d learn so much. In terms of a producer it would probably be Swindle, his sound is so unique and varied but it’s such a vibe.

UK Hip Hop seems to be going through a very healthy patch at the minute – are there any artists nationwide that you’re particularly feeling right now?

Right now I’ve gotta say I’ve been listening to a lot of Grime as I’m slowly coming back into it having been making solely Hip Hop for the last two years. So atm it would have to be Ghetts, Stormzy, Maxsta and Wretch if I exclude all of the people I know personally.

Make sure you buck Eklipse on social media to keep your eye on out his upcoming projects! He’s also got some great poetry to check – links below!

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Poetry – <>

‘Intimate Affairs’ Free Download Link

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Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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