FRESHLY DROPPED: Barney Artist – “Oui”


Barney Artist

 For Those Who Like - 
George The Poet
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As a thank you to all the fans who came out and showed him love as a support act on the most recent George The Poet National Tour, Forest Gate bred artist and independent music enthusiast Barney Artist dropped new track “Oui” earlier today. Produced by London’s very own Jake Milliner, “Oui” is a funky love song playing giving off lovey vibes, which given the title seems inspired by the French disposition for romance. The track is currently killing it, being shared on Soundcloud all over the place and having racked up over 9,500 views in less than 24 hours. Barney has been quoted as referring to the production of music as ‘painting sounds’ and is a massive purveyor of independent music, which we think is a vibe that really comes through in what is quite a poetic brand of sound going on. Following the whole independent music lick, Barney bumps all his music for FREE via his website and Soundcloud so make sure you get the clicks in below to hear what Barney’s unique sound is saying!

Catch ‘Oui’ and the rest of his back catalogue here:

and check his website for updates and free downloads!

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Composed by @CareerEnderSam

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