Introducing #5: Beecher Productionz and the sounds of Crouch End and Hornsey


‘We’re all from the same shit, all from the same area, we’re all coming with something that can benefit all of us, and benefit our area. To make an impact on the U.K music scene our area has to come together and nurture that sound. I remember back in the day, you had the West Coast sound, you had the East Coast Sound… It was very defined, and it’s like now, we need that CROUCH END sound, we need that HORNSEY sound.’

This week we ventured into Crouch End to link up with up and coming producer Beecher Productionz, who is very much involved in an established yet underrepresented sound coming out of the Crouch End/Hornsey area of North London. This area hosts a number of extremely dedicated MCs and producers, who are working their way onto the industry map, with the area having a certain degree of attention recently after local MC MoStack released certified banger No Buddy (which now has a remixed versions with Paigey CakeyJ.Hus and Chip).

  Beecher Productionz, who is also very much a part of the creative force in his area, crafts intricate Hip Hop instrumentals, which for the most part sound vaguely inspired by the trap instrumentals coming out of the US in the past couple years, but with technical idiosyncrasies which give Beecher a very unique and distinct U.K sound.

From talking to Beecher, it was very apparent that he has a sharp and clear vision for the direction of his music and his place in the local music scene. After cracking a bottle of champers for his lil bro’s birthday, we had an interview with Beecher Productionz alongside local MC Jiggz to find more about their sound. Read more below:

Tell us about yourself. How old are you, and how long have you been doing music?

Beecher: My name is Beecher Productionz, I was born here in North London, Crouch End, and have lived here my whole life. I’m 20 years old, and have been producing to coming up to 6 years now. To be honest with you, in school, I weren’t really focused, and music was the only thing I was interested in. Like, around the school times, I didn’t really think I was going anywhere, but then I got into a music college and that made me think ‘yeah man I can go for this sort of thing’. I started in primary school, and what motivated me really was the fact that music is all I had going for me, and yeah I’ve been doing it ever since, and now, it’s my passion man, I love this stuff.

Are you working with any artists at the moment?

Beecher: At the moment, I’m independent, and working on my own to be honest. I’m not working with any artists at the moment, but I had a record label before where I was working with a few local artists.

What genre would you call your music?

Beecher: I would call it real music! It’s musical, you know, it’s not like mad synthetic. It’s got a nice melody, it’s smooth… I wouldn’t really like to put it in a genre, you know what I’m saying?

Jiggz: Its real UK Hip Hop man, which is what really comes through in the sound at the moment. It’s got that soul feel, you can hear the garage come through. His music’s coming from a certain place.

Beecher: And I’m not getting gassed saying this, but coz we’re all from the same shit, all from the same area, we’re all coming with something that can benefit all of us, and benefit our area. To make an impact on the U.K music scene our area has to come together and nurture that sound. I remember back in the day, you had the West Coast sound, you had the East Coast Sound… It was very defined, and it’s like, we need that CROUCH END sound, we need that HORNSEY sound.

Ahh, so you’re very much aware of your influences. What music do you listen to, and what would you say has really influenced you.

Beecher: My main influence is the oldschool, like RnB, like Lauryn Hill, like Aaliyah, the oldschool Timbaland stuff was just crazy.

How are you getting your music to people at the moment? Is your music being played anywhere? Radio stations etc?

Beecher: To be honest with you, I haven’t even been putting my music out for that long. My website came out like a week ago, with a short beat tape with like six beats on it, and I’ve put that out on Facebook, Twitter, and I’ve had some good feedback from that. My music hasn’t been about that much yet, but I’ve got some music on the way with, no one’s heard of him yet but you’re gonna know soon trust, Jiggz, and he’s got a mixtape dropping soon which I’m involved with. I’m not giving it away, but we got some videos coming too.

Think big – who would you like to work with?

Beecher: In the U.K, Mo. MoStack…Right now he’s doing big things, and especially for our area. There’s so much talent in our area, and it’s been behind closed doors for so long, and it needed that one someone to just break through, and give the rest of the talent in the area that chance, you know what I’m saying? So yeah, MoStack definitely, he’s big on the scene right now. Big up MoStack for real for real. No offense and what not, but when it comes to other U.K rappers, apart from my bro Jiggz, I’m not really tryin to mess with anyone when it comes to UK rappers. But, to go mad, my dream is to work with people like Ed Sheeran. I got mad respect for Ed Sheeran and the way he came up, he was grindin’ and how he struggled, you know what I’m saying, and now he’s made it to the top, so he’s inspiration to show that it’s possible. When it comes to America, the bait ones really… Like Drake, coz I respect the fact that he’s still keeping his music real. Meek Mill… Timbaland… He’s my biggest biggest producing influence, so to be in the studio with him would be crazy.

Beecher Productionz was enough of a don to share a wavy new instrumental, exclusive to dontfckabout – which you can  listen to below:

Be sure to check hit him up via Twitter and his brand new website (where you can hear his recent ‘Change The View‘ release with more of his tunes!):

twittericon ]

Watch out for:

Beecher Productionz’ new 6 beat tape dropping on the weekend entitled “Light Work”.

 Jiggz‘ debut mixtape ‘Till A Trillion’ which is out next week (Interview coming soon).

Both are gonna be bangin’!


 We’re tipping you lot right now that these North London dons are gonna be doing big bits in the next year or so. Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated with what you need to know!

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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