Weekly Playlist – #19

Once again, we’ve compiled a ‘who’s who’ of what we think are the biggest artists and releases of recent times. Enjoy your dose of the freshest Hip Hop + Grime. This is edition number 19 of our weekly playlist!

 KwolleM – “Bad Boy” (Skepta Refix)

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KwolleM is a new blip on our radar this week with this inspiring refix of Skepta‘s ‘Bad Boy’, a track largely forgotten from when Skepta went through his weird club music phase (Think of that ‘Sikidim‘ tune, or ‘Amnesia‘). KwolleM has taken this, and (quite amazingly) turned it into a soul-sounding kind of track, with piano riffs and female harmonies, which has been self-dubbed as ‘Mellow Grime’. We think this is huge, and look forward to more of this new sub-genre!

 MoStack ft. J.Hus & Paigey Cakey – “No Buddy” Remix


 North London’s MoStack has had a fair amount of attention the past two months after he dropped certified banger No Buddy, which led to established heads like Skepta tweeting about it, with a video being made in the process. One of our favourite lines from the track was ‘I wanna spent a night with Paigey Cakey / I really like your style girl you’re wavey / I really wanna holla that / but light skin girls don’t follow back’. Well, she heard him calling, because she’s turned up for a No Buddy remix, alongside East London’s up & coming J.Hus.

Earl Sweatshirt, Budgie & Samiyam – “quest/power”

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This one, a collaboration from Los Angeles producers Budgie and Samiyam with Earl on the vocals is a new one uploaded with the mysterious ‘#hiking’ tag on Soundcloud, the same as Earl’s most recent release ‘SilenceDArapgame‘. We’re not sure what the deal is with this lowkey marketing style, but ‘quest/power’ is a banger that sounds something like a dysfunctional carnival tune, with Earl dropping his distinctive slow drawl of angsty bars.

Jesse James (Solomon) – “SE Blue V1”

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South London’s Jesse James (Solomon) surprised us yesterday with a couple new unexpected tracks via his Soundcloud account. Unfortunately, he’s already removed one of them (which we think was the weaker one anyway), and has left us with ‘SE Blue V1’. The track is another example of Jesse’s existentialist/zoot-fuelled style with slow drawn out instrumentals and his monotone rapping style. It’s only very short, but this track has us excited for his new upcoming project, which is now confirmed to be finished and will soon be dropping (see tweet below).

Kadiata – “Madaleine”

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This one is new from South London’s Kadiata, who you may recognise as the former artist ClixxKadi is in the process of reinventing his art at the moment; whereas before he was producing UK hip hop inspired pop tracks, he is now using his talent to create much more ambitious projects witch explore the more emotional aspects of life. Though this is early days for the mysterious Kadiata, we are very pleased with what he has released so far, and look forward to more. ‘Madeleine’, which he dropped this week, has been described in its press release as an ‘afrofuturist love song about the regret a young man feels for having betrayed his first true love’. Check it out below.

Supa Bwe – “[mausoleum ep]

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On the first of this month, Supa vaguely mentioned in a tweet that group member Qari aka Carl had departed from trio Hurt Everybody, leaving Supa Bwe and Mulatto Beats as a duo. While we don’t have enough space to go into the politics of it all here, you can read all about it, and how this event inspired the [mausoleum ep] in this fabulous article by mishkanyc.com. Recorded in three days between Feb 4th and Feb 7th, this EP is heartbreaking from work from Supa Bwe, who has really honed his unique rappy/singey style in the past few months. We also have features on this project from Jaymz VCadillac Duke, Blakkass Westley and Mick Jenkins.

Bones & Dylan Ross – “SongsThatRemindYouOfHome” EP

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We alerted you on this one earlier in the week, which is a collaboration between TeamSESH players Bones and Dylan Ross. Check the article mentioned to find more about it, as we said it all there, but this is and melancholy masterpiece which we’ve been banging over and over.

Grim Sickers Ft. Row D & Snowy – “Means To Me”

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again here – we love it when artists branch out and develop themselves in aspects of their art that aren’t necessarily the usual route, which is the reason we’ve loved the past few Grim Sickers tracks, including this one released earlier in the week. “Means To Me” brings North London mic man Row D and Nottingham’s Snowy <who we interviewed HERE last week 🙂 > on a more emotional, rap inspired vibe, where each MC relates tales of heartbreak (and it isn’t even moist). We like Snowy’s adlibs, and the fact that Row D made his section up on the spot (See below tweet). We love the fact that these guys, who most would consider Grime MCs, have created something different and meaningful. Looking forward to the 100 Bags EP which is menna drop soon!

Coops – “Dark Room”

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Bluuuud if there’s something that needs to change, it’s the fact that more people don’t know who Coops is. Having dropped one of the deepest EPs from last year “Lost Soul” (which is a masterpiece, download it via the link for FREE), the North London MC has proved that he’s on a completely different level to most UK spitters. On this new video for ‘Dark Room‘, Coops gives us an insight into his thoughts on the current state of the world over a suitably eerie Boom Bap beat from Talos. We’re hungry for a new EP this year!

That’s all we have time for right now, but see you in the same place next week!

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