Introducing #4: Meet Lewisham Mcdeez’s newest export – Blaydes


‘Man wanna diss me coz of my age, I will swing for a man spin man like a rollup / You wanna hype up coz you’re an older but wanna back up there when I roll up’

In the last edition of our #Introducing series, we turned our ears towards the up & comers of Grime, and trained your attention on Nottingham’s local celebrity MC Snowy. This week we’re bringing the focus back to London ends and are proud to introduce you to Lewisham Mcdonald’s regular + local MC Blaydes. We became interested in Blaydes after a number of recent standout grime releases, both solo and in collaboration with a number of national artists <tracks available at the bottom of page!>. What impressed us even more is that after a bit of research we clocked that he’s only 16 years old! If you listen to Blaydes, I’m sure you’ll agree that this young don has the flow and delivery of someone who’s much older and has had more time to hone their craft. It’s quite clear that Blaydes is a natural, and we’re definitely excited by the fact that he’s so new to the game and has only really interacted with the scene for the past 4 months. We’ve mentioned before about Grime having had somewhat of a resurgence recently, both in terms of international interest from established entities (think Drake dropping bars from Skepta’s ‘That’s Not Me’on the new Lil Wayne mixtape) along with a whole host of new fans due to increased publicity, which has developed a schism between newer fans and some of the ‘puritans’ of Grime (or so they believe themselves to be). We’re glad that there are still people like Blaydes on the horizon who are bringing that street-level, energetic sound that gave Grime its life force in the first place. Make sure you watch out for this don, because Blaydes and a whole host of rugrat new artists are ready to show these new fans what Grime is all about.

We got in touch with Blaydes to find out a bit more about him – Find what went down here:

What ends are you from? Where did you grow up/ where are you based now?

I’m from South London – hail up all my Lewisham dons. I was born in different ends though, Reading, which is where I grew up throughout my very early years of life, but I’m based out here in Lewisham.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m 16 now, 17 in September. I’m not too much of an interesting character haha, I just like to do simplistic things like read, play football, and a bit of graphic design.

Are there any crews/ collectives you’ve worked with in the past and/or work with now?

I haven’t released anything with them, but I can 100% tell you that I’ve got some stuff lined up with a few guys from The Square. I’ve done a few collective tracks, for example “The BudJacker Suite” which featured myself, Snowy, Chemz, Dubz D, and Marsta Menzz but I’ve never released a track with a collective group.

Give us a basic outline of your journey through music so far – when/how did you start etc:

I started back in like year 7; I used to freestyle with some of my friends during break times at school, and really since then I just slowly developed… who would have known it would have turned out to be like this though. I remember I put out a track back when I was like 11/12 but I never pushed it out due to my age. Respectively, I think I can say I’ve done quite a bit now as I only just jumped into the scene about 4 months ago. Really since I jumped in I’ve just been steady cruising, so we’ll see how far this journey takes me.

Are there any particular MCs from back in the day that particularly inspired you to start spitting?

Respect to all of them, but really other than Chip, there is not too many other than the likes of Skepta and those lot. Really Chip inspired me to do grime because I can relate to the age he was when he first started his grind in grime.

What are your plans for the next year and further? Are there any upcoming projects you want us to shoutout

 Yeah I’ve got a few projects dropping: hopefully an EP, another EP that is joint with a producer, also I’m featured on a project called “Authentic” which is dropping on February 24thand hopefully I’ll get some visuals out.

Will you/ are you currently doing shows?

As of right now I’m not doing shows, but I can only hope that I will be in the near future.

If you could work with any UK MC/ producer right now that you havent already, who would it be?

Ah, I think it would most likely have to be Stormzy in terms of MCs and SNY/Rynsa Man in terms of producers.

 Listen to ‘Gassums’, ‘On It’ ‘Strap Hard Remix’ here:

 And hit Blaydes up on these sites:

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Our next ‘Introducing’ feature will be on North London’s Beecher Productionz. See you there!

Compiled by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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