Meet one of the MCs keeping the East Midlands on the radar – introducing: Snowy


 ‘Got a champagne flow, watch how I ace them/ Man wanna copy my flows lemme paste them / I fully boot up the tracks and I lace em/ Fuck a metaphor man are going in blatant’

Snowy is an 18 year old MC from Nottingham, and has been active in the scene for a number of years now. Having recently worked with a number of influential artists and producers, he is set to make some serious noise for himself in 2015.

If you’re a fan, you’ll be very aware (and possibly even sympathetic to) the constant rumbling and groaning that seems to have undercut the Grime scene for a number of years now. ‘Grime is dead’ you’ll hear… ‘there’s no money in it’, ‘the energy has gone’. In any scene, there are constantly those that prefer a nostalgic view of things compared to taking it for what it is. What do we say to these people? Well, we believe one of the godfathers of the genre said it best, so we’ll bless it with his words:

Now, that we’ve got that through with, we’re gonna show you why we’re still banging on about Grime. There are a number of young MCs at moment who are riled up and ready to do a madness this year. One of them is Nottingham’s Snowy, who along with a number of other youngsters from his city <namely Mez, J.Dot, Kyeza + others>, is keeping the Midlands a strong blip on the Grime radar. He’s had some particular attention recently due to his collaborations with veteran producer Masro, and an energetic b2b with J.Dot filmed by JDZ Media <both of which can be found at the bottom of the page!>, but looking through his current discography, and considering how young Snowy is, we can say that it’s looking very promising that himself and his team are looking to bring through some serious fire in 2015. As a strong representative of the East Midlands Grime scene, Snowy has been regarded with respect from the scene for a while now as one of the most promising youngers, and is a strong candidate for being one of the leading figures in the near future in showing the rest of the country the levels.

We contacted Snowy for a quick Q+A session to find out what he’s been up to, and here’s what we found out:

What ends are you from? Where did you grow up/ where are you based now?

I’m born and bred in Nottingham, East Midlands and I’m still here! Nottingham Shottingham yoooo  hahaha!

How old are you and tell us any other interesting personal information –

 I’m 18 right now.. Some girls think I’m older but I’m 18 hahaha. I can’t give too much away I like being mysterious lol

Are there any crews/ collectives you’ve worked with in the past and/or work with now?

 Erm well I work with loads of people I’m all for collaboration. Watch out for PRxSM though… Again I can’t say much but you’ll see it coming this year I promise. 

Give us a basic outline of your journey through music so far – when/how did you start etc.

 I hate showing people my old videos it makes me sick lmao! I’m gonna show you my first ever though, I did a Cameraman Sketch New Talent when I was 14/15 I can’t remember:

Then this is my latest solo music video ADHD: 

This is my latest freestyle, b2b J Dot:

Are there any particular MCs from back in the day that particularly inspired you to start spitting?

Ermmmm to be honest not entirely no. I used to listen to Nottingham MCs more than anything. Blaze (he’s my g from my ends), Marvin, Kezzy K, Shadow. Old school Dizzee and Titch did a bit too, but that’s a bait answer that you’d expect to hear to be honest lol.

What are your plans for the next year and further? Are there any upcoming projects you want me to shoutout?

I’ve got releases I could (and should) bring out and release but I’m kinda riding the wave and seeing how it goes right now. But I will put something out this year because everyone keeps getting on to me hahahahaha.

Will you/ are you currently doing shows?

 Yeah I’ve just started taking on bookings properly. I would tell you some but I don’t even remember where or when I don’t even deal with them any more. Should see me up and down from Bristol to Manchester though tbh. 

If you could work with any UK MC/ producer right now that you havent already, who would it be?

Erm would probably beeee Dot Rotten, maybe Skepta. Or M.I.K but hopefully I can get those features in one day.

To check out some of his music, and find more info about Snowy here, click these links!



And download his current mixtapes here:



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